metamorphic spiral 1, black paint

by adrien



Visually constant perpetual geometric variation.

Okay, let’s explain what I did here: the two “squares with ears” made of two regular series of parallel lines are used to precisely measure the amount of paper that a line of paint will cover. One is for the thin lines (inside,) the other for bold ones.

I started with a grid of thin lines partly filled with “squares,” the amount of paper covered (lets call it density) was for 1/2 covered by lines and 1/2 covered by squares. Progressively, the grid gets denser (the distance between the lines decreases) and at the same time the density of squares filling empty holes of the grid decreases. The sum of densities: [grid + squares] remains constant so that the lightness of the rectangular shapes remains constant as well, until the moment where the grid itself is sufficiently dense to be darkening the surface enough.

To finish (the top part here,) the light grid decreases as the bold one appears and increases. At the end, the distribution on the bold lines is disturbed by “noise.” This noise is relative to the distance between lines and is maximal at the end (on the right.) The maximal noise is equal to 1/2 of the initial distance between lines required to obtain the density that was required to darken the rectangle at the same level as the rest of the figure.

Sorry its a bit technical, but that’s exactly what I did here. And yes, of course, it’s hand-made!