Jasper’s dream

by adrien

Dear Adrien,

I’m on the train at the moment reading Michael Taussig’s book on diary drawings.  Suddenly it occurs to me that I dreamt of you last night. I hope you don’t mind me sharing this dream, perhaps it has something in it, or at least can provoke a good laugh.

We were having a conversation about your work, and I told you I had the impression that you were  making magnificent progress with the light drawings. Then, out of sheer enthusiasm, you showed me your latest project which was an automatic musical composition. It consisted of a wooden board as big and as long as a train. It had a frequency engraved in it like the compositions you have on your blogg. The thing was huge!  The next moment you showed me how the whole thing could be moved along the train-track, by which the engraved surface  could be ‘read’ by the electricity poles, so as to generate sound. The engraved recording appeared to be making the sound of a train  passing by….   maybe something to consider? as a research project for another residency?

haha  Anyways. It makes me feel we haven’t seen each other much too long… How was Japan? How was Tomo’s party?  I had a secret plan to visit, but got really overworked and sick after the exhibition at the jve.  What are your plans for summer? Maybe a trip to Antwerp or you two coming up to the country is still a nice option.

Hope everything is fine, no very good even… all the best!

Jasper Coppes