Planck’s blackbody colors (first layers)

by adrien



This is a new thing.

For the moment I just did the first 2 layers of paint (depending on the case, Titanium White + Ultramarine Blue, or: Titanium White + Cadmium Yellow light,) – there are 2 left.

In the squares will be the average color (50%/50%) of the color of my background and of the colors of the planckian balckbody locus with temperatures from 4000 K° to 9500 K° – as given by these (approximative) formulae in the CIE UCS 1960 color space:


I choose to make these samples with the same brightness as my backgound, so only the color difference is visible. None of them is neutral grey because I’m working with illuminant D65 (my “white point” is there…,) which is not located on the planckian locus, but slightly blue-grennisher (see below)

The locus in the CIE UCS 1960 color space (after wikipedia)