Application of the “additive” colorsystem: representing spectral colors

by adrien


Here we go: since we cannot “paint” the pure spectral colors (they are far too saturated,) we have to desaturate them (this is equivalent to add them white light)

That’s what’s going on with the graph: it shows the maximal values I can obtain to paint a “rainbow” with my colors. The white light and the power of the spectral colors is almost equal (21.5% for the spectra, 21.8% for the white light)

Notice that the beginning and the end are just the same (limits of infrared & ultraviolet = no visible light,) and that when a color is not used, it’s being replaced by its “complementary” (the Turkish fills the gap of the Red, the Pink the gap of the Green, etc.) this is in accordance with Grassmann laws: when a required color amount gets negative, it corresponds to a positive amount of a complementary color…

Come back soon and you’ll see the pictures of the spectra being made on the paper.