Talk in 2013

by adrien

Adrien Gary Lucca, artist and colour teacher, La Cambre Art School, Brussels

‘Painting’ with Paints and Lights  

Wednesday, 13th February 2013


We all agree that, in general, a perceived colour is the result of the interaction between: (1) an observer, (2) some light, and (3) some material. However, most artists today still use and organize colours without following such a model. Why?

Ambient light – natural or artificial – is something that is difficult to deal with. Most painters will be satisfied by a ‘weak’ level of light-control or they may even ignore light conditions when they create visual objects (paintings, drawings, photographs, installations, etc.) As a consequence – and against the fact that lights and materials always interact and ‘colour’ each other – lights and chromatic materials (such as dyes and pigments) are traditionally treated separately as two separate realms.

The presentation will attempt to show how we can overcome this situation. I will show two series of recent works (‘D65 Studies’, 2011-2012, and ‘Light Transformer Prototypes’, 2010-2012) in which I developed technical solutions to measuring and controlling what I called above ‘chromatic materials’ and ‘light conditions’ by using paints, prints, spectro-colorimetry, photometry, and computer-programming.



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