so-called ‘warm’

by adrien

so-called 'hot' A LUCCA 31Ja 13Y


I used to hate the adjectives ‘warm’ or ‘cold’ (in French couleurs chaudes et froides) when used to characterize colors. But often I think about them when I look to little hue variations, I try, and I cannot help thinking that these adjectives can be quite useful. It’s funny, I think everybody can understand what’s meant when a color is qualified as being ‘cold’ or ‘warm,’ especially when colors are compared: like if I say ‘this color is colder than that one.’ The series of the Reds here can be seen as getting ‘colder’ when Zinc White is added (the Reds that become pinkish.) Same for the Oranges on the left, they can be said ‘warmer’ than the Reds, no?