back to primary school… colors with colors

by adrien


 adrien lucca D65 5 31 May 13 img02

adrien lucca D65 5 31 May 13 img03

After this RGB (pseudo-) “Maxwell triangle,” I am drawing the faces of a prototypical “colorspace” made of 6 primary colors : Ult. Blue, Reddish-Orange Cadmium, Cadmium Yellow, Cobalt Turkish Blue, Cobalt “Pink,” and a Green made with the Yellow and a Phtalocyanine Green.

I made so much mistakes recently that I decided to start this study by simple tasks. It’s also more “readable,” or “logical” for the viewers to start the drawing there, I guess.

The detail below is a work-in-progress, 3 colors are still missing. Only the triangular part pointing towards the bottom is finished: every triangle contains 3 primary colors, and the final result will be a progressive gradient. You can imagine that it’s like the 2-D pattern of a 3-D crystalline shape: every triangle is one limit-surface of this small 3-D colorspace, that will be later represented less schematically (the “lie” here being the similar distance between every primary color.)

This work is the logical continuation of this post (if you remember)

adrien lucca D65 5 31 May 13 img01

…Maybe you noticed a difference in the colors of my pictures: they are more intense or saturated than usual. I used a X-Rite colorchecker to calibrate the digital camera. However, it’s far from being perfect, another digital compromise. Still, looks better than without, but my Bluish-Magenta (Cobalt “Pink”) looks totally blue, digital color photo is sometimes depressing…