Epson stylus Pro 7890 vs pigments

by adrien

epson vs pigments 01

epson vs pigments 02

epson vs pigments 03


I was first very very impressed by what a professionnal inkjet printer could print from my printer (RGB picture printed from Adobe Photoshop with an Adobe 98 profile).

However, in my studio I realized that artist’s pigments do much better. Two examples : a mixture of PB29 & PB15 — an extremely dark blue, a DPP Red. And I could multiply examples: greens made of PB15 + cadmium yellows, cadmium oranges, cobalt teal…

Both examples here are more saturated than the printer’s colours in the same range (making the printed colors look “washed out” or “greyed out”), and what’s interesting: they are much darker.

It seems that the printer can print very good light colors, but fails when dark and saturated colors are asked. Epson’s “vivid Magenta” is truly amazing…

Knowing the difficulty of making light colors with paints, it seems that a nice possibility is opened to combine paints and inkjet…