A preview of “maquette”

by adrien



“maquette” is a large-scale printed piece that will be installed in the Vrijthof Theater in Maastricht at the end of the week:


Theater aan het Vrijthof

Vrijthof 47, Maastricht

043 350 55 55

Adrien Lucca (Paris, 1983) lives and works in Brussels and was a researcher at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht. The work he is presenting is called Maquette. A grey “magma” of pixels, graded by lightness from black to white, wherein colorful and transparent visual objects emerge like waves on the surface of water. They are expressions of mathematical transformations of unequal size and visual magnitude, happening at random locations. The work covers a wall in Theater aan het Vrijthof. You are invited to come in, to come close and see its details. “Maquette” is a game of chance, a prototype for a multi-scale game of chance expressed in terms of spectral color variations.