Montréal project: final choice of the compositions

by adrien

It’s probably time to give an explanation about all this…

Recently I have been very busy with what’s about to become my biggest project so far: after winning a competition I have been commissioned by the region of Brussels to produce an artwork that will be installed in a metro station in Montréal (Québec).

My proposal is to create a series of 14 stained-glass pieces (recently I heard that JS Bach was obsessed by the number 14! That’s funny because I have always been obsessed by this number – don’t ask why). The work makes a reference to the 2015 summer solstice’s sunrise over the city of Brussels.The windows will be illuminated by high-power LEDs, it’s a kind of crazy Solar light-glass machine…

Today I have to give the final plan to the stained-glass studio Vitraux Debongnie near Brussels. This includes a final list of glass colors that I have selected in Germany this summer. I measured the transmission spectrum or more than 300 antique-glass samples from Glasshütte Lamberts and I ended up choosing 84 different colors.

More information soon.