“Dentelle”, last day of work

by adrien

Edouardo s

(photo) Edouard Pagant working on the last “Dentelle”.

After 25 days of work, I am happy to announce that a permanent stained glass work called “Dentelles de lumière”, made in-situ on 5 large glass sheets in the building of Academia Belgica in Rome, has been completed with success.

This work on glass is the result of a research involving a study of natural light, glass chemistry, drawing and quasi-periodic geometry. Dentelles… plays with the parameters of the natural light environment during the day (diffuse and direct sunlight, color of the environment, etc.) As the conservator-scientist Stefan Michalski described what it does: “Scattering of light by white pigmented translucent films lit variably and dynamically from each side + relative contrast effects”.

The inauguration will happen during the afternoon at Academia Belgica, via Omero 8, Rome, Italy on September 20, 2018.

More info + documents soon.