Art & science relationships examples #1

by adrien

First of a series of posts about art & science relationships.

Recently I have been studying a bit more than before the work and the writings of Olafur Eliasson. I just discovered this fantastic short documentary film about his collaboration with the icelandic architect Einar Thorsteinn:

The Model Room, 2009

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Two portraits of Einar Thorsteinn


Thorstein declares “I have never had such a close relationship with anybody I met before that with Olafur Eliasson”, then explains about what they did together in collaboration. Eliasson then defines himself as “not really good at anything but i’m ok in everything” before explaining a bit about the organization of his studio. Beautiful.


I cannot resist to also quote some of the things that Eliasson wrote in Some Ideas About Color (2006), that are making a lot of sense to me:

“the idea that things are not as they appear to be is a very healthy argument.”

“What I look at is […] not only the experienceing of the artwork itself, or the artwork and institution as one, but also – and even more importantly – the ways in which the visitors may experience themselves experiencing the artwork. The audience should, in other words, be encouraged to see themselves both from a third-person perspective, that is, from the outside, and from a first-person perspective.”

“[…] in preserving the freedom of each visitor to experience something that may differ from the experiences of others, art can continue to have a significant impact on both the individual and society as a whole.”