Yellow-free zone (2018) – inauguration on Dec. 17 in Rotterdam!

by adrien

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What is colour? Is it a visual property of objects? A physical product of light? Or a sensation that only exists in our brains? Using cutting-edge technology Lucca created a white light that modifies the colour of yellow objects. Counter-intuitive and radically experimental, part of a larger research about light and colour that defines the artist’s practice, Yellow-free zone turns us temporarily yellow-blind, as if a digital colour filter was applied in real-life.


Yellow-free zone (2018) is a 5-years long light installation for a corridor of the Maashaven metro station in Rotterdam, where a special cold-white light transforms the colours of yellow objects, giving a very counter-intuitive colour-blinding effect. The installation will be unveiled on December 17, 2018.

More information soon!