UPDATED Feb 6, 2012 (old version below)


All the works on paper (Cf. visualworks catalogue; D65 studies; etc.) are drawings made by hand using special drawing pens and custom inks whose desing is made by me in my lab/studio.

However, softwares are used to simulate some effects beforhand, and to calculate some heavy colorimetric and geometric problems (additive color-mixings, moiré, trigonometric stuff… etc.)

I encourage you to consult this page if you want to see the lab tools I am using:

And this one to see some custom-printed drawing tools I make to “assist” me:


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OLD VERSION (Nov 11, 2011)

(I will update this section later)

Let me just say that all the drawings are hand made. There’s a digital part in the process, especially when geometry implies heavy – colorimetric or not – simulations/calculations (ex. D65 study, 2011), but the “realization” so to say is by hand.

When you magnify the pictures, like on the examples below (you can click to magnify more,) you can better see how the works look like.