“Dentelle” @ Academia Belgica Rome, starts!

SUN det

Doing my summer homework in Rome ;)

A monumental stained glass piece in Rome’s Belgian Academy just started to appear. The piece appears completely different during the different phases of daylight around the building.









In-situ test for “Yellowless Corridor”, a future artwork in Maashaven station, Rotterdam, NL


Somebody brought a yellow jacket…

Microkosmos at night


Illumination by 4 custom “Special warm-white” light fixtures:


…and on the diaporama below, the difference between day and night:

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Video: special warm-white light at été 78 in 2017

inauguration of Microkosmos


Opening around 7PM

photo by Julien Sales



Pink blond beer at midnight

May 25: inauguration of Microkosmos in Brussels



You are codially invited to join us for the inauguration/party on May 25 at 6:30PM


Hey Huys, rue Egide van Ophem 46, 1180 Brussels






I don’t know why the media does not seem to care about the very bad air quality in Brussels and in Belgium in general this spring…? Do you have any throat ache today? It may be the air…

What Brussels says:


Weird, no?



Fluorescent glass coating

A video showing me, in my studio, in the process of coating glass sheets with a home-made fluorescent paint. This is the story behing the lamps in the exhibition “A White Room Without Yellow”, currently at LMNO Gallery, see:

Mémoire d’atelier in Arts Libre


An article by C. Lorent in Arts Libre features a picture of Mémoire d’atelier, my latest book :)

The effect of my Special Cold-White Light

Text for the inauguration of Microkosmos in Brussels

Jupiler under Special Warm-White light

A glass of Jupiler beer under Special Warm-White light



A fragment of the wall painting as seen in Daylight


Microkosmos – a mural and a lighting apparatus installed in the patio of Het Huys is an installation by Adrien lucca. Multicolor and soft-looking during when illuminated by Daylight, the mural becomes bicolored and very saturated at night, when the artificial Special Warm-White light illuminates it. This light, an invention of the artist, appears first familiar but acts like a color-correction filter in real life. Indeed, this light increases the saturation of most colors while it causes some yellows, greens and violets to vanish into reds, blues or grays.

These two possible states of the installation and all the grades in-between are a symbol of the diversity of Het Huys public and activities. At night, Microkosmos transforms for example the color of blond beer into the color of rosé wine, like in a collective, pleasing and surprising hallucinogenic experiment.


Microkosmos, une fresque et un dispositif d’éclairage spécial installés dans le patio de Het Huys, est une œuvre de l’artiste Adrien Lucca. D’apparence multicolore et douce éclairée par la lumière du jour, la fresque devient bicolore et très vivement colorée à la tombée du jour, éclairée par une lumière spéciale blanc-chaud créée par l’artiste. Cette lumière, inventée par Lucca, apparaît tout d’abord familière, mais elle agit comme un filtre de correction des couleurs « In real life » : elle augmente la saturation de la plupart des couleurs tandis qu’elle fait disparaître certains jaunes, verts et violets devenant rouges, bleus ou gris.

Ces deux états possibles de l’œuvre et leurs gradations intermédiaires symbolisent la diversité du public ainsi que l’éventail d’activités proposées à Het Huys. De nuit, Microkosmos transforme par exemple de nuit la couleur de la bière blonde en celle du vin rosé, comme une expérience d’hallucination collective, plaisante et étonnante.

Yellow pigments under Special Cold-White light


I promise you the photo is not color shifted

Opening April 18: A White Room Without Yellow, Exhibition @ LMNO Gallery, Brussels


31, Rue de la Concorde
B-1050 Bruxelles, Belgique



From medieval times to the 19th century, many Western color theories relied on the belief that colors could be explained by their appearances. A belief that the mechanisms behind colors could be understood by visual judgments only, a belief that all the elements for understanding light and colors were, somehow, accessible to our senses and logic. But from the 17th century onwards, a color science has been developed in which white lights – sunlight, daylight, moonlight, electric light – are all compounds of colored light units. These essential components of light are not sensed anymore but hidden behind the visual appearance of white light and white objects.

Since the causes of colors depend on invisible mechanisms, it is now possible to control these non-visual parameters behind color vision, and to play with a new keyboard of light effects to do “magic tricks”. Beautiful, pleasing or surprising, these tricks touch the very foundations of our visual universe, the foundations of our common visual sense: what if I can sense the world in a completely different manner? Is it happening just inside of me, or not? Can such “magic” open up a space for experiencing, enjoying and criticizing our intimate visions and beliefs?

White light and grey objects synthesized from a multiplicity of colors are recurrent themes in Adrien Lucca’s work. From the drawings of the “D65 Studies” (2011-14) where he started to use color science, pigments and artificial daylight to make artworks, to “Microkosmos” (2018), a permanent installation that will be inaugurated in Brussels in May, at the time of the exhibition, Adrien Lucca’s work has developed at the crossroads of drawing, painting, science, magic.

For his first exhibition in the gallery, Adrien Lucca designed “A White Room Without Yellow” (2018), an installation where a special pinkish-white light radically transforms the color of the objects in the room – and especially the color of yellow objects. For Adrien Lucca, “A White Room Without Yellow” is at the same time a tribute to and a criticism of Olafur Eliasson’s “Room for one colour” (1997).

Opening on Wednesday 18th of April 2018 from 5 to 8.30 p.m.  

Exhibition from the 19th of April to the 2nd of Mai 2018

Open from Thursday to Saturday, 2 to 6 p.m. and by appointment

On the week-end of May 26th a studio-visit/discussion will be organized by the artist and LMNO in Brussels. Places limited, reservation to the gallery

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