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3rd of 3 projects at été 78

été78 p3 b

été78 p3

Hommage à Edwin H. Land, 2017

Halogen lamps, special white lamp designed in collaboration with GVA lighting (model FL-100), various objects


The space is illuminated by two different white lights that have the same whiteness and color temperature (about 3000K). Common colorful objects are displayed on two pedestals: fruits, flowers, color samples, beer bottles, etc.

The objects illuminated by the special white light dramatically change: pilsener beer look like sparkling rosé, dull blue objects appear bright turquoise, warm yellow plastic becomes bright orange, lemons become whitish, dark purple flowers appear dullish blue.

All colors except for white, grey and black are changing. People with “normal” color vision are experiencing something like color-blindness. People’s skin and blue eyes also change, they somehow appear more beautiful…


Here’s the text written for the show (in French):

Exhibition views, été78, 1st of “3 projets”


Views from the 1st part of the exhibition “Mémoire d’atelier sur trois projets” at été78 in Brussels. The text draft is available here: Soleil de minuit text

Mémoire d’atelier sur trois projets @ été78, Bruxelles – vernissage 18/02/2017


3 exhibitions in a row at ETE78, rue de l’été n°78, 1050 Brussels!

Vernissage Feb. 18th from 4PM to 8PM


Rosace, quasicristal dodécagonal


Variations of the visual appearance of a stained glass window during the course of the sun in the sky.

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Sunlight / Stained-glass

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Simulation of the changing visual appearance of an East-oriented Stained-glass window depending on the daylight color and orientation:

7:30 AM: before the sun rises, the sky illuminates the window

7:45 AM: a yellow Sunlight reaches the window

8:00 AM: the Sunlight is already whiter

12:00 AM: the Sunlight is white

12:30 AM: the Sunlight disappears, only the sky illuminates the window

4:00 PM: idem

6:00 & 8:00 PM: the sky’s color changes slightly

All this has been simulated using physical data about the light of the Sun and the Sky in the south of France, and physical data acquired by scanning colored glass with a spectrophotometer.


14 steps of an algorithm

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This gives you an idea of how I work. Every operation is the result of hundreds lines of code, but the logic is pretty simple. We have a quasiperiodic cristal made of triangles and we detect regular shapes (squares, diamonds, octogons, 6-gons, etc.). This creates a pattern that’s later gonna be made of little glass pieces.

Picture of the first third of the window-prototype


Finally, the glass version !

This is a stained glass element made with a traditional technique. The black lines are a combination of hand painted “grisaille” and lead.

I’ll soon describe the entire project in a longer post, stay tuned ;)


The list of unique shapes



Each unique shape that makes the map from the previous post. Total 173 unique shapes, 299 glass pieces.

…working on a Stained-Glass prototype


A paper model with “scanned” and calculated colors for the blue sky behind…

Below, the left one simulates a cloudy sky, the right one the blue sky


This is the design made by something like 5000 lines of code in Python 2.7 ;)



Article in La Libre Belgique

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Montréal stained-glass project: pictures

num3_ copynum4_ copynum5_ copynum6_ copynum7_ copynum8_

We just reached half of the production of the stained-glass series. Above: the pannels n°3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 (number 8 is asymetrical to fit one window which is narrower than the others).


Phases of the sun as light spots, 2015

14 PHASES copyA model for a stained-glass windows project based on the sunlight of the 2015 summer solstice in Brussels, BE.

Click on the picture to zoom.

22 – 24 mai : Multiple Art Days, la maison rouge, Paris


Maquette Version 2.7.1 – 1/10

Intensités lumineuses progressives

578 sources / 119 couleurs

660 × 660 pixels

Bonjour / Hello,

En fin de semaine à la maison rouge, sur le stand JAP, lancement de deux éditions :

(This week at la maison rouge, Paris, double book launch)


Version Alpha

9 inkjet prints on canvas, each 32.7 x 34.6 cm

Text in English

Edition of 3 + 1



Version alpha

2 impressions jet d’encre uniques sur toile, chacune 49 x 53 cm

Texte en français

Édition de 10



Où ? Quand ? / When? Where?

22, 23, 24 mai 2015

12h00 à 19h00

La Maison Rouge

10 Boulevard de la Bastille, 75012 Paris


Maquette version 2.3 #1 (2015), 1050 x 1050 pixels, 1520 lights, 782 colors


Archival inkjet print on canvas (“giclée print”), 96 x 90 cm

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