Soleil de minuit: the catalogue

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Adrien Lucca

Soleil de minuit, Bruxelles, Montréal

édité par Bruxelles Mobilité

ISBN 978-2-930801-10-0

Hard copy / 95 pages

Préface par Michel Baudson

Text in French, translations in Dutch and English


Please comment/contact me if you are interested in having a copy.

25 € + shipping


PDF version free to download below


Microkosmos: preview



Views of the installation behind scaffolding



Microkosmos (flemish for microcosm, i.e. “little world”) is the title of my latest installation situated Rue Egide van Ophem 46 in Brussels.

Made on the 7.5 x 22 m wall of the patio of the future centre “Het huis” (a house for two non-profit organisations), it comprises a wall painting and a “special white” light system that changes the colors of the painting at night.

More information will be available when the installation will be inaugurated in 2018.

Working on a large wall painting in Brussels

I am sorry, today I posted a video which was not public on Youtube, nobody could see it. It is fixed now, thanks.

A big drawing


Yellow flower VS Special White light

Video by Benoit Dusart, 2017

Work about to start in Brussels


Two pictures simulating the same wall-painting illuminated by daylight (bottom) and “Special White” (top)

It’s been nearly 2 1/2 years that I have been periodically working on a public installation for the new building of “Het huis” at Egide van Ophem n°46, Uccle, Brussels, BE.

Next week I will finally start making the permanent installation called “Microkosmos” which consists of a 7.5 x 21.5 meters wall painting, illuminated by custom LED white light sources that substantially modify the colors of the paints.


more information soon


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Soleil de minuit – Bruxelles Montréal




The book. More information soon.

Soleil de minuit on Art Public Montréal


© Adrien Lucca – Crédit photo : Louis-Étienne Doré (2017)



Article by Benoît Dusart in L’Art Même

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3rd of 3 projects at été 78

été78 p3 b

été78 p3

Hommage à Edwin H. Land, 2017

Halogen lamps, special white lamp designed in collaboration with GVA lighting (model FL-100), various objects


The space is illuminated by two different white lights that have the same whiteness and color temperature (about 3000K). Common colorful objects are displayed on two pedestals: fruits, flowers, color samples, beer bottles, etc.

The objects illuminated by the special white light dramatically change: pilsener beer look like sparkling rosé, dull blue objects appear bright turquoise, warm yellow plastic becomes bright orange, lemons become whitish, dark purple flowers appear dullish blue.

All colors except for white, grey and black are changing. People with “normal” color vision are experiencing something like color-blindness. People’s skin and blue eyes also change, they somehow appear more beautiful…


Here’s the text written for the show (in French):

Opening, 2nd of 3 projets @ été78

There’s still a chance to see this 2nd chapter of the exhibition on Saturday March 11 at été78, rue de l’été 78, 1050 Brussels.

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